With VIP promotions like the June 1st EP release of Gravel Roads, The Gasoline Gypsies have steadily grown a diverse and loyal Midwest and southern following by creating excellent music and releasing it in fun and unique ways. The “Vagabundos” as their most-loyal like to call themselves, are a diverse cadre of fans from Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, and Indiana, who’ve aligned behind the Port Huron musicians. Show opportunities in those markets, have built a fan base who love the music and the unifying purpose behind the Gasoline Gypsies’ vibe.

The EP Gravel Roads welcomes a musical lean into the Americana roots that have long inspired this band. The Gasoline Gypsies are poised to become a national the movement, built on camaraderie, and the truth of the poetry that music fans hear in the music they play.

“They’ve always strived to stay independent while giving their fans more than just music shows,” explains manager Jack Hunger. “Now, it’s time to scale that up. We want the world to hear this music and know these guys. They are that special.”

Amping up the partnership model that took The Gasoline Gypsies out of Michigan and into North Carolina and Indiana, they’ve partnered with Sonic Coast radio, a breakout online streamer, built by radio industry icon Brian Maloney. Brian was the first to bring the guys to NC, via Raleigh’s Capital Radio property, That Station. Under his tutelage, they’ve built a relationship with Jeff Appleton, of Marathon Entertainment, who brings distribution expertise to the mix. The band is stepping back, only for a bit, from live show prioritization, and focusing on top notch recording, and circling the wagons around Jeff’s ability to get radio PDs to listen to what they need to hear. Gravel Roads is the first of two EPs to be released this year. It’s the intent to bring the joy that is following The Gasoline Gypsies to those areas that are hearing the music, and further partner with local radio, venues, for shows who wish provide music fans with great music by a very fan accessible band.