As the band was pulling out of Austin, post SXSW gig the phone rang.
“You guys wouldn’t happen to have a piano sustain pedal we could borrow? Are you still in town? We’re staying on Brazos Street.”
It was Katelynn Corll, who’s been drumming for the Michigan Americana powerhouse, The Accidentals. We doubled back and Steve ran the pedal into the hotel where they were staying while the rest of the band circled the block.
The Accidentals had a gig the following afternoon in Wimberly, about an hour out of Austin. That’s also the city where the GGs were staying all week. The Accidentals gig was a private affair, at Blue Rock Studios, nestled atop the rolling Texas terrain. The vista affords the most spectacular views of the Hill Country. The studio has a superb reputation. There are beautiful rooms for artists to take up residency while working on projects. It’s a favorite creative space of artists like Lyle Lovett.
Steve returned to the car. “They put us on the guest list tomorrow, if we want to pick up the pedal at their gig. They said there’s food and everything.”
Far be it from us, to ignore the universe, or pass up some free eats!

The glaring understatement of the entire Texas loop of this spring tour is to say that Blue Rock Studios is amazing. We were overwhelmed walking from our parking place into the party. Greeted by the most warm soul, our feelings of being somewhere we didn’t belong were erased with an enthusiastic “Welcome friends,” from a silver dreadlock-coifed gentleman. He looked like your favorite grandfather, if he were the most obsessed dead head. He told us jokes, pointed out there was stone fired pizza and Middleton Beer available for us to enjoy, and added, “Don’t be shy. Look around. Be sure you check out the view from the tower.”

Blue Rock Studios is arguably the most stunning creative space on the planet. It features an intimate performance space, state of the art recording rooms, chocked full of the best of tech and recording gear. There are enough beds, baths, and relaxing spaces to inspire a band staying at the facility, for years. We were treated to a tour before we caught The Accidentals set. The Blue Rock people were genuine, inviting, and incredibly gracious hosts. And the view from the tower was even more spectacular than promised. We can’t thank The Accidentals and Blue Rock Studios enough for an experience that was certainly one of the highlights of our week in Texas.
We could have stayed for hours, or maybe days and weeks…we certainly wished we could…but, we were pressed for time, with another gig that evening. On our way out, we revisited the silver haired gentleman whose greeting made us feel so very at home. Of course, he had a couple more jokes. We found out he is Bobby Lemons, long time FOH sound man for Willie Nelson.
We were blessed to soak in so much greatness in the hour we spent at Blue Rock. We heard magic in the stellar set put on by our friends The Accidentals. We were greeted and entertained by a legend. We absorbed a soul-soothing mystic alchemy by being in the presence of this most beautiful and enchanting space.
Thank you Blue Rocks Studios. And thank you Accidentals, for forgetting your sustain pedal!

Via Oakland Press:

More than two dozen metro area music acts will be in Austin, Texas, this week to perform during the annual South By Southwest Music + Media Conference.

And they’ll be sending some of their shows back home.

The first, dubbed “Country, Hop & Roll” streams starting at 1 p.m. Wednesday, March 15 from the Dizzy Rooster on Austin’s famed Sixth Street with a 10-act lineup that includes the Gasoline Gypsies, Louie Lee, Wilson Thicket, Nathan Walton & the Remedy, Paulina Jayne, McKayla Prew, Ryan Jay, Hannah Rose Graves, Gunnar & the Grizzly Boys, and Patty Pershayla & the Mayhaps.

Four days later, on Sunday, March 19 at the San Jac Saloon, the Gasoline Gypsies, Lee, Prew, Walton and Pershayla will headline a “Y’Alternative” Americana showcase joined by KayLyn Pace, Lilly MacPhee, Jacki Daniels, Ryan Jay, Aneesa Sheikh and Matt Kysia.

The legendary Doc of Rock Doug Podell has been in our corner, digging our music and cheering us on for quite a few years now, but we were still kinda blown away when he reached out to invite us participate in the new WLLZ
Compilation vinyl Motor City Rocks, 2022 edition! We are still pinching ourselves to make sure we aren’t dreaming – what a huge honor! Thanks so much for your faith in us!

Navigating the music industry landscape of today can be fraught with frustration and peril, on any given day, to be sure…so, how to flip the script? 

For us, the answer was to throw down another fun collaboration with our longtime pal and new game developer Kelly McGeary of Kelsoft- to birth our own custom branded band video game!
As a member of the Gasoline Gypsies you will run, jump, and rock your way through various levels. Discover hidden gems and secret power-ups along the way. Use your instruments to defeat adversaries!

But, stay on guard!!! Along the way you will be faced with broken strings, zombie tuners, deranged groupies, and many more freakish hazards as you make your way to the stage. At the end of each level, you will also face off to play against a rival band!

Grab it now in the App Store for iOS and Android!The

Years ago, the farmhouse property where bass player/vocalist Steve Briere resides was a llama farm. Steve was using the old barn out back, once home to the South American pack animals, as a storage space. He purged the years of junk that had accumulated in the barn and turned it into a rehearsal studio, that has become the new home to The Gasoline Gypsies. Dubbed “The Llama Barn,” the practice studio took on an immediate feeling of home, having been built at the carpentry-skilled hands of Steve, then adorned with special Gasoline Gypsies memorabilia that the band has collected for years.
“We pulled power out here, and the extra time on our hands during the shutdowns, well, it just kinda grew into something really special,” Steve explained. “The guys got together, we humped drywall, painted, trimmed, and decorated,” and it turned out great!”
As well as for practice, The Gasoline Gypsies are also using the space to produce intimate music and food events for their loyal fan base, The Vagabundos. Gasoline Gypsies Patreon members can earn incentives that give them access to shows and rehearsals.

Intended as a respectful nod to one of their influences, The Gasoline Gypsies produced a practice studio cover of Wooden Ships. Inspired by the passing of David Crosby, the video has drawn notice from around the world, and as of this writing was was approaching 40,000 views at over 1000 per hour

The Gasoline Gypsies will be busy with five dates at the upcoming SXSW Conference in Austin, Tx.
Sponsored in part by SHOWX, Boxcar, and Broken Blanket Productions, The Gypsies will be playing sets at San Jac Saloon, The Dizzy Rooster, and Blind Pig.

Tuesday 3/14
San Jac 11:15p-12:15a
Wednesday 3/15
Dizzy Rooster 5p-6p
Thursday 3/16
Blind Pig 9p-10p
Saturday 3/18
Blind Pig 10p-11p
Sunday 3/19
San Jac 3p-3:45p

TOMORROW: New Single by The Gasoline Gypsies drops Saturday, May 23, 5:00 pm EST with streaming virtual release party! Press release…

DETROIT: We’ve all been catapulted into this strangely surreal moment, where we are collectively dreaming of a new Tomorrow and also wistfully recalling the carefree times of yesterday…in the last cold winter days leading up to the country-wide shutdown to contain the Coronavirus in the USA, while knowing that the band members must soon separate for some time, to protect at-risk loved ones, the Gasoline Gypsies were hustling up ‘til the last moment, along with their dedicated producer whiz Lee Hoffman, to complete the studio tracks for their new song, entitled “Tomorrow” …not having any real understanding at the time of how prescient and meaningful the idea of Tomorrow would soon become, just a few months on…

Fast forward to today…on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, traditionally the kickoff of summer fun and the outdoor live music festival season, the Gypsies are scheming a special Happy Hour launch bash to celebrate Tomorrow, right now, in this moment, while dreaming of future days when we are all able to gather en masse once again…
“Tired of talking ‘bout tomorrow, ‘cause it may never come…”

In the weeks just prior to the pandemic, the Gypsies had gleefully road tripped south to Raleigh and Wilmington, N.C., for two packed sold-out shows, and were already conspiring with local supporting radio stations 95.7 FM That Station and Modern Rock 98.7 to return to play larger venues in the coming months, those plans are, of necessity, in limbo for the time being…but both outlets continue to play multiple GGs tracks and have been enthusiastic early adopters on new releases from the band. “The Gasoline Gypsies were immediately embraced by our listeners, because the music is as genuine and authentic as it gets,” remarks Brian Maloney, V.P., Radio Division, Capitol Broadcasting, which owns both properties. “Six months ago, North Carolina hadn’t heard of the Gasoline Gypsies, and then a rock and roll combustion took place, with wide airplay and two sold out shows, a worldwide stream along with a multi-media blitz that catapulted them to becoming a new musical brand in our state.”

Also in the midst of the madness the 2020 Detroit Music Awards went virtual, streaming the show online Sunday April 20, and for the second year running, the Gasoline Gypsies were named Outstanding Rock Group by members of the Michigan Music Community!

Large traditional Summer Festivals may be scarce this year, but the Gasoline Gypsies are looking very forward to headlining the ambitious Redneck Raft Out 2020 floating stage boaters festival on NE Oklahoma’s Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, Saturday September 5, Labor Day Weekend…as watercraft offer the perfect social distancing devices and there’s no shoreline access for RRO, it looks to be the perfect 2020 end of summer bash! Local radio station 94.5 FM the Wolf is also spinning multiple Gasoline Gypsies tracks in anticipation of their Oklahoma late summer appearance!

We hope you will join us in looking forward to “Tomorrow”…by Michigan indie rock phenoms the Gasoline Gypsies…available everywhere Saturday May 23! Please like, share, stream, dance along with us, or whatever moves you! Streaming from the Gasoline Gypsies Facebook Page at 5:00 PM EST!

“Because, you know, Tomorrow will soon be Yesterday!!”

Tomorrow Logo created by Caleb Malooley, Black River Media Productions
Gypsies Photograph by Wendy Thibodeau

It’s time for a Vagabundos road trip to Grand Lake, Oklahoma for the largest and loudest annual Labor Day Weekend party ever!  Load up the boat with family, friends, floaties and beverages, and come enjoy a truly unique concert experience.  A floating stage with professional rigging and a flown line array concert sound system, located in a protected cove on the sprawling Grand Lake! Just picture the beautiful backdrop for this “on-the-water-only” event featuring The Gasoline Gypsies, Framing The Red, Travis Bond and the Rebel Souls, The Faulconer Duo and 5,000+ rockin’ attendees from around the USA!

This one of a kind floating stage is set in the middle of Check-In Bay located on the beautiful Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees in NE Oklahoma. One weekend a year the lake people raise the rigging, fly the speakers and host the best concert experience on the lake!

The Redneck Raft Out is an on-the-water event, accessible only by boat or personal watercraft. There is NO shoreline access!  This year it will take place on September 5, 2020 from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. This is a FREE family friendly on-the-water concert experience! Info on local accommodations and boat rentals at

Detroit, MI: Named one of the three “Best Unsigned Bands in America” in 2017, the Gasoline Gypsies, of Michigan’s Blue Water Thumb region are continuing to blaze an independent, roots rock revolution path, all across the USA. Their latest single, the hypnotic Playing with Fire, follows two tracks released last fall, Walking Trouble and Freaks and Non-Believers, which both made it to “Power A” rotation at Americana/Rock stations in the Carolinas. Playing with Fire debuted on That Station 95.7 FM Raleigh (2019 NC Broadcasters Station of the Year) and Modern Rock 98.7 Wilmington, in advance of being widely available via digital platforms. Fire was also instantly added by the Hills 92.7 FM, their hometown AAA station in Port Huron, MI.

The North Carolina adds come in advance of highly anticipated upcoming tour stops for the Gypsies, Friday Feb 7, at Jesse’s Yacht Club, Wilmington, a Birthday Bash for their Morning Alternative am show, and Saturday Feb 8, at the Imurj performance space in downtown Raleigh. Since the Gypsies tracks were first added to rotation in these markets plus 94.9 FM the Palm, Columbia, S.C. last fall, Southeast U.S. fan enthusiasm for the band has been growing steadily, and advance ticket sales for their shows have been brisk.

“…I’ve got so much respect for a band like the Gasoline Gypsies, doing things their own way, indie and currently unsigned…great things are ahead for them in 2020! I am looking very forward to seeing this band live, I think that will be one amazing show…it’s gonna Rock, for sure!”

Sean McHugh, That Station 95.7, Raleigh-Durham, NC , Chief Music Operator, Morning Music Curator

“…the Gasoline Gypsies delivered two sets of rousing, inspiring, harmony-filled music that not only showed off the band’s audience-pleasing stage demeanor but its impressive roots-rock songcraft.

Fans who drove from the east side of the state to experience this inaugural (all-acoustic) musical adventure joined West Michiganders for what certainly ranks as one of Listening Room’s most memorable concerts since the 200-capacity venue opened at Studio Park in late October …”

– John Sinkevics, Local Spins, Grand Rapids 

“These Guys are so awesome to work with, they totally GET it…” 

– Brian Maloney, V.P. Of Programming, Capitol Broadcasting, Raleigh, NC

“Walking Trouble” is such an amazing track! It really has a great groove, and it’ll sound awesome on the radio!! You guys are totally on point with what is happening in Rock Music right now…” 

– Doug Podell, Program Director, WLLZ-FM, IHeart Radio, Detroit 

“When I’m asked questions like who’s the next big thing – my answer is usually influenced by how driven I see a certain artist – artists who are constantly working on whatever it is – touring, writing, recording, and performing locally, but then, of course, they’ve also gotta bring it – and both the  Native Howl and Gasoline Gypsies bring it …they’ve got styles that have major cross-generational appeal….” (Regarding dual CD Release Show for Gypsies and Howl, June 2018) 

– Jeff Milo, WDET-FM, Detroit Free Press 

As fresh sounding as they are retro, the Gasoline Gypsies evoke the spirit of rock and roll as it was originally intended…it’s music that helps us all forget our cares, free our souls, and jam together.

Their original songs feature unifying, foot-stomping anthems of life, that inspire their broad, multi-generational audience to sing along…the music of the Gasoline Gypsies sounds like fine vintage southern rock, rolled around in the grand ol’ grit of the Motor City…it’s music that moves people, and connects them, all at the same time…

In the past couple of years, the Gypsies have racked up five Detroit Music Awards in Rock and Americana, been deemed one of the “Three Best Unsigned Bands in the USA” by JBL, were Grand Prize Winners of the 2017 Michigan State Fair Superstar contest and voted Best Original Rock Band in the 2018 WDIV Local 4 Detroit Viewers Poll. They also are  attracting regular radio airplay outside the Midwest, most notably in the Triangle markets of North and South Carolina, and now expanding west. The Vagabundos, the Gypsies multi-generational, highly active and loyal fan tribe, (named for their most recent EP release,) are a main driving force behind the band, following them to destination gigs and festivals all over the country.

Here is the lyric video for Playing with Fire: