Wheatland Calls for a Gasoline Gypsies Set!

Wheatland Calls for a Gasoline Gypsies Set. The Gasoline Gypsies have received the nod to close down the Friday night Centennial Stage at the annual Wheatland Music Festival, in Remus Michigan.   The September celebration of all things Roots, Bluegrass, and Americana music has long been a yearly must for The Gasoline Gypsies, but as festival goers.
“Wheatland is definitely the reason I play music,” notes Gypsies front man, Caleb Malooley. “I think I’ve only missed two or three years my entire life. I got my first ukulele there, and learned my first guitar chords there. I’ve dreamed of playing Wheatland since I first started playing in front of people.”
As the band has built a support team over the years, one hard, fast rule has always been understood; The weekend after Labor Day is sacrosanct, and no gigs are to be scheduled. This year, The Gasoline Gypsies are making an exception to that rule. The 50th annual Wheatland Music Festival runs  September 8-10, 2023. https://www.wheatlandmusic.org/tag/2023/