A Dream Gig Happens!

It’s long been a known in the world of The Gasoline Gypsies that nothing gets booked for the band the weekend after Labor Day. That sacrosanct date is saved for attending the Wheatland Music Festival. Band frontman Caleb Malooley calls the festival, “the reason I play music.” Bassist/vocalist Steve Briere says, “Wheatland changed my life. It took me off of a bad path and made me discover that I needed music.”
The band, their significant others, and their friends attend the event yearly, in Remus Michigan, as festival goers; that is, until this year.
The Gasoline Gypsies closed the Centennial Stage at Wheatland this year, on Friday night. The 2500 in attendance were not only moved by the music, but were touched by the emotion that spilled out of the band playing their dream gig.
A short documentary by Lee Hoffman captures the meaning of the most magical moment in the Gasoline Gypsies’ story.