Fanbase Grows with Bliss Fest Shows

Bliss Fest has long been a wish list festival for The Gasoline Gypsies. The invite finally came, with a little help from High Five Spirits, makers of Gypsy Vodka. High Five has been a long time sponsor of many Gasoline Gypsies events. They are also a Bliss Fest sponsor.
The buzz began with a Friday afternoon, second stage set. Early in the festival the set was at 5:30. By the third song, the huge tent was filled to capacity with enthusiastic music mavens.
The word traveled. Saturday’s midnight set on stage three was equally as packed, before the show started. The crowd was on fire. By the end of the set, the enthusiastic listeners demanded and were granted by an encore song, by the stage manager; unusual for the well organized, tightly scheduled Bliss Fest.
The band was set for a 3:30 Sunday acoustic jam at the Song Tree Stage. A small keyboard amp, and a shared ambient mic, were all the electronics and amplification involved. The intimate area, designed to comfortably accommodate fifty people was overflowing with hundreds, prompting emcee, JD Lamb to include in his introduction, “I’ve never seen this stage so crowded.”
After the final song, front man Caleb Malooley gushed from stage, “This might be the most fun weekend I’ve ever experienced playing music. The Bliss organization has been so good to us. And these crowds are the most appreciative and real music lovers we’ve ever met. Happy Bliss!”