New Single “Tomorrow” Drops Saturday, May 23

TOMORROW: New Single by The Gasoline Gypsies drops Saturday, May 23, 5:00 pm EST with streaming virtual release party! Press release…

DETROIT: We’ve all been catapulted into this strangely surreal moment, where we are collectively dreaming of a new Tomorrow and also wistfully recalling the carefree times of yesterday…in the last cold winter days leading up to the country-wide shutdown to contain the Coronavirus in the USA, while knowing that the band members must soon separate for some time, to protect at-risk loved ones, the Gasoline Gypsies were hustling up ‘til the last moment, along with their dedicated producer whiz Lee Hoffman, to complete the studio tracks for their new song, entitled “Tomorrow” …not having any real understanding at the time of how prescient and meaningful the idea of Tomorrow would soon become, just a few months on…

Fast forward to today…on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, traditionally the kickoff of summer fun and the outdoor live music festival season, the Gypsies are scheming a special Happy Hour launch bash to celebrate Tomorrow, right now, in this moment, while dreaming of future days when we are all able to gather en masse once again…
“Tired of talking ‘bout tomorrow, ‘cause it may never come…”

In the weeks just prior to the pandemic, the Gypsies had gleefully road tripped south to Raleigh and Wilmington, N.C., for two packed sold-out shows, and were already conspiring with local supporting radio stations 95.7 FM That Station and Modern Rock 98.7 to return to play larger venues in the coming months, those plans are, of necessity, in limbo for the time being…but both outlets continue to play multiple GGs tracks and have been enthusiastic early adopters on new releases from the band. “The Gasoline Gypsies were immediately embraced by our listeners, because the music is as genuine and authentic as it gets,” remarks Brian Maloney, V.P., Radio Division, Capitol Broadcasting, which owns both properties. “Six months ago, North Carolina hadn’t heard of the Gasoline Gypsies, and then a rock and roll combustion took place, with wide airplay and two sold out shows, a worldwide stream along with a multi-media blitz that catapulted them to becoming a new musical brand in our state.”

Also in the midst of the madness the 2020 Detroit Music Awards went virtual, streaming the show online Sunday April 20, and for the second year running, the Gasoline Gypsies were named Outstanding Rock Group by members of the Michigan Music Community!

Large traditional Summer Festivals may be scarce this year, but the Gasoline Gypsies are looking very forward to headlining the ambitious Redneck Raft Out 2020 floating stage boaters festival on NE Oklahoma’s Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, Saturday September 5, Labor Day Weekend…as watercraft offer the perfect social distancing devices and there’s no shoreline access for RRO, it looks to be the perfect 2020 end of summer bash! Local radio station 94.5 FM the Wolf is also spinning multiple Gasoline Gypsies tracks in anticipation of their Oklahoma late summer appearance!

We hope you will join us in looking forward to “Tomorrow”…by Michigan indie rock phenoms the Gasoline Gypsies…available everywhere Saturday May 23! Please like, share, stream, dance along with us, or whatever moves you! Streaming from the Gasoline Gypsies Facebook Page at 5:00 PM EST!

“Because, you know, Tomorrow will soon be Yesterday!!”

Tomorrow Logo created by Caleb Malooley, Black River Media Productions
Gypsies Photograph by Wendy Thibodeau