The New Gasoline Gypsies Game is out for IOS, Android, and Steam!

Navigating the music industry landscape of today can be fraught with frustration and peril, on any given day, to be sure…so, how to flip the script? 

For us, the answer was to throw down another fun collaboration with our longtime pal and new game developer Kelly McGeary of Kelsoft- to birth our own custom branded band video game!
As a member of the Gasoline Gypsies you will run, jump, and rock your way through various levels. Discover hidden gems and secret power-ups along the way. Use your instruments to defeat adversaries!

But, stay on guard!!! Along the way you will be faced with broken strings, zombie tuners, deranged groupies, and many more freakish hazards as you make your way to the stage. At the end of each level, you will also face off to play against a rival band!

Grab it now in the App Store for iOS and Android!The