Welcome to The Llama Barn!

Years ago, the farmhouse property where bass player/vocalist Steve Briere resides was a llama farm. Steve was using the old barn out back, once home to the South American pack animals, as a storage space. He purged the years of junk that had accumulated in the barn and turned it into a rehearsal studio, that has become the new home to The Gasoline Gypsies. Dubbed “The Llama Barn,” the practice studio took on an immediate feeling of home, having been built at the carpentry-skilled hands of Steve, then adorned with special Gasoline Gypsies memorabilia that the band has collected for years.
“We pulled power out here, and the extra time on our hands during the shutdowns, well, it just kinda grew into something really special,” Steve explained. “The guys got together, we humped drywall, painted, trimmed, and decorated,” and it turned out great!”
As well as for practice, The Gasoline Gypsies are also using the space to produce intimate music and food events for their loyal fan base, The Vagabundos. Gasoline Gypsies Patreon members can earn incentives that give them access to shows and rehearsals.